Escape to the Cape

by The Art of Attraction

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Arrest, my heart, whomever bequeathed your love. And lest your parts forever do cease to pump, maintain your role and never release from sight that which was the object of your delight. And if it goes, by any of many means, just know, in time, the tattered and gaping seams which line your walls and reside in your chambers leave, a new love floods into you and makes complete.

Lately I've been sleeping with both eyes open so that I don't miss a thing. I won't miss a thing. I won't let this bring me down. Maybe if I'd been so sure that you'd be coming home, I wouldn't be forlorn, and I could leave this shore, because I can't do this anymore.

All the treasures of the Earth would pale in strict comparison to what I'd give for your return. You know I would. To have you back from overseas and keep you safely within reach, my hands would form such ties that bind and not be easily removed.

The sea, it calls to me. The salty air that I breathe laces my lungs until they're engulfed, to make me one with the beach. This ocean is my home. These cliffs above the cove will be my resting place until I see your face come safely on the horizon. I never will forget the circumstances under which you left.

The rising horizon is where I'll keep my eyes on.

Stay sordid. Remain ingrained in my brain the way you are.

I saw you sailing out into stormy seas. I swore I loved you and I'd hoped that it would make you stay, but you were steadfast as you pushed from shore. You left me waiting here alone forevermore.

I'm sure if we came face to face, my head and heart would split apart and go separate ways. My heavy heart bids to impart, but my head outweighs.

You'll never know what you did to me.


released October 14, 2012



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The Art of Attraction New Jersey

Experimental rock band from New Jersey (formerly Boston, MA). Check out our debut full-length, A Gentleman's Agreement.

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